"GEMXX intends to grow its market share by expansion of existing markets, opening new markets and by acqusition" - Jay Maull, CEO

GEMXX is committed to increasing sustainable value for its shareholders by:

  • Encompassing vertically integrated activities from gemstone and mineral extraction through worldwide wholesale            and retail jewelry distribution. 
  • Leveraging established operations around the world to capitalize on lower production costs.
  • Scaling GEMXX’s mining operations and jewelry production to meet the world demand of Ammolite.
  • Capitalize on our strategic business relationships to ensure the company maintains its existing market share while              securing new business as it emerges.
  • Acquiring operating suppliers of the raw materials GEMXX uses to produce its products such as gold, silver and other        precious and semi-precious gemstones.
  • Open GEMXX Branded retail locations in select, strong Ammolite selling markets which will allow the company to              capture a larger portion of the retail selling price of our products.
  • GEMXX will further increase revenues through an acquisition campaign.